Meet the 2019-2020 PA Team!


Group Photo Cropped


Kate is from New Zealand and she is a 2nd time JET. She is a 5th year ALT in Konan City and it is her 2nd year as PA. She likes going to the movies and taking her family to the beach or river.

ケイトはニュージーランド出身で、香南市で働いています。ALT 5年目で、P.A.としては2年目です。家族と一緒に海や川に行くことが好きです。

James is from England and in his 2nd Year as an ALT. It is his
first year as P.A. He likes sports, fitness and fishing.

ジェームズはイギリス出身です。ALT 2年目で、P.A.としては1年目です。スポーツやフィットネス、釣りが好きです。

Brodan is from Australia and is a 3rd year ALT in Aki City. It is his 1st year as PA. He likes watching movies and eating chocolate.

ブローダンはオーストラリア出身、安芸市で働いています。ALT 3年目で、P.A.としては1年目です。映画とチョコレートが好きです。

Minda hiking in the Sonoran desert.

Minda is from the United States and is a 2nd year JET, starting at the Kencho this year (1st year in Muroto City). Minda enjoys knitting, running, and exploring the outdoors.


Akihisa Ikeda is the Japanese PA. He transferred to the International Exchange Division in April and is in his 4th year of working at the Prefectural Office. He enjoys surfing in his spare time.

今年から日本人PAになった、池田晃久(いけだ あきひさ)です。