Meet the 2018-2019 PA Team!


PAs pic


Kate is from New Zealand and she is a 2nd time JET. She is a 4th year ALT in Konan City and it is her 1st year as PA. She likes going to the movies and taking her family to the beach or river.

Bridget is from the U.S. and she is a “4th” year JET in Kochi City. It is her 1st year as a PA. She has lived in Korea before Japan. She loves going to concerts and music festivals.

Hafsah is from Canada and she is a “3rd” year ALT in Ochi-cho. It is her 1st year as a PA. She likes aggressive card games and going on adventures.

Naomi is from the UK and is on her 4th year on JET. It is her 3rd year in Kencho (1st year spent in Kitagawa) and her 3rd year as a PA. Naomi also likes aggressive card games, and she loves hummus.

Riho Hashigami is from Japan and it is her 2nd year as the Japanese PA. She works in the International Affairs Division at the Kencho. She can also speak Chinese!