Orientations & Conferences

In Kochi Prefecture, there are two major conferences each year for all the JETs in the prefecture. Depending on your position (CIR or ALT), you may or may not be required to attend all days of a given conference. Orientation is only required for newly arrived JETs, regardless of position.

Kochi Prefectural Orientation

This orientation is for new JETs arriving in Kochi in August. At this orientation, information regarding living in Japan/Kochi, the JET program, emergency preparation, and so on is provided. This orientation is run by the PAs and Kochi City Hall.

The next Kochi Prefectural Orientation will be August 2019.

Mid-Year Conference/Skills Development Conference

This conference is for all JETs, new and old, to go over a variety of important information and typically lasts three days. This conference is run by both the Kochi Prefectural Board of Education and the PAs. Two days of skills development, which includes teaching and communication exercises, is run by the Prefectural BOE. The third day is run by the PAs and covers information about living in Kochi and workplace behaviour. There are also workshops available to try various traditional Japanese activities.

The next Mid-Year Conference will be TBA.

*NEW* Leavers’ Conference

This conference is specifically geared towards JETs who will not be re-contracting for another year and will be leaving the program. This conference is run by the PAs.

The next Leavers’ Conference will be April 12, 2019.