COVID-19 Kochi Updates and Developments

This page is meant to provide you with up-to-date developments related to COVID-19 in Kochi. The PA team will try to keep it updated with the latest information. If you hear about any Kochi-related updates you think we should add to this web-page please let the PA team know by emailing us at or contacting one of the PAs directly.

A giant thank you to everyone who is helping translate the information below! The updates are being translated by a team of volunteers. As we are not professional translators the original Japanese takes precedent to the English translations.

  • August 2nd, 2020: Governor’s Request
    • Please make sure you are taking basic preventative measures (avoiding the 3 C’s, wearing a mask, washing hands, etc.).
    • Limit eating to small groups and short times (especially if you are drinking alcohol).
    • If eating out, please patronize restaurants that are taking proper preventative measures to limit the spread of covid-19 (see poster on page 5 of the Japanese pdf–link below).
  • Link to Japanese:
    • The Japanese pdf also contains the chart describing what measures Kochi Prefecture will implement based on how many covid-19 cases have been confirmed within the prefecture (page 3).

  • May 15th, 2020: Governor’s Request
    • The National State of Emergency has been lifted for Kochi Prefecture.
    • Please continue to:
      • Not travel across Prefectural Boarders
      • Follow these four guidelines:
        • Wear masks
        • Wash and sanitize hands
        • Maintain 1 m distance between people
        • Open windows and air out rooms
      • Eat in small groups
      • Refrain from speaking loudly
      • Refrain from going out drinking
      • Refrain from going into businesses that are not taking steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
      • Continue to follow the “New Lifestyle” detailed below.
  • Link to Japanese:

  • May 5th, 2020: Governor’s Request
    • The national state of emergency extended to the end of the month.
    • Regarding Kochi, the following requests were lifted as of May 6th (and are no longer in effect):
      • Refrain from going outside for non-essential and non-urgent matters (regardless of the time of day).
      • Request for temporary closure of restaurants and bars that entertain customers, karaoke boxes, live-houses (music venues).
      • Request for shortened business hours (restaurants, hotel restaurants etc.)
    • Requests still in effect from May 7th-May 31st:
      • Refrain from non-urgent, non-necessary travel between prefectures.
      • Refrain from going to restaurants and bars in central districts that entertain customers in the evening, karaoke boxes, and live-houses.
      • Refrain from holding events with more than 10 people (until May 20th) and more than 50 people (May 20th through May 31st).
      • Following the “New Lifestyle” promoted by the Japanese government.
    • Continue to decrease the amount of people you meet with through things such as telework and rotating schedules.
    • Prefectural facilities will mostly reopen on May 11th.
    • Prefectural schools will mostly reopen on May 25th (see full document for more details).
  • Link to Japanese:
  • Full English Translation: Link

  • May 1st, 2020: Emergency Alert sent out to cell phones (rough translation)
    • Request to Stay at Home from Kochi Prefecture
      • In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, we ask all prefectural citizens to refrain from going outside for non-necessary, non-urgent purposes. Especially during Golden Week, this is an incredibly important week to contain the virus. Moving forward, to prevent the infection rate from rising, we ask that you refrain from all unnecessary travel except for maintenance of life necessities.

  • April 17th, 2020: Governor’s Request
    • Kochi now falls under the State of Emergency declaration.
    • Please continue to do the following until May 6th:
      • Refrain from going outside for non-essential and non-urgent matters. (Hospital visits for medical treatment, shopping for basic necessities, traveling to and from work, and outdoor exercise are fine.)
      • Do not travel to and from the Prefecture, especially during Golden Week.
      • Cancel and refrain from going to group meetings/events.
      • Avoid the 3 Cs (Closed rooms, Crowded places, Close-contact settings).
      • Refrain from eating with anyone who is not your family member.
      • Decrease your physical/personal contact with others by 70-80% (especially through things such as staggered work shifts, commuting by bike, or telework).
  • Link to Japanese:
  • Full English Translation: Link

  • April 9th, 2020: Governor’s Request
    To avoid continuous spread of the virus that will lead to the declaration of a state of emergency, the governor is asking people to do the following things:
    • Refrain from going outside for non-essential and non-urgent matters and avoid the 3 Cs (Closed rooms, Crowded places, Close-contact settings) during both day and night time until the 26th. (Essential and urgent matters include: grocery shopping for essential items, necessary jobs, etc.) 
    • Avoid having meals with non-family members.
    • Avoid going outside the prefecture (especially to areas with lots of cases).
    • For people who travel to Kochi from areas that have declared a state of emergency, please refrain from going outside for any non-essential, non-urgent purposes for around  two weeks and monitor your health condition.
    • All organizers should consider cancelling or postponing events that include a high number of attendees.  
    • Act with the assumption that you may have been infected and take steps to reduce the possibility of infecting other people (for example, by wearing masks and following these guidelines). Young people should especially pay attention to this. 

  • April 8th, 2020: School Closures in Kochi Prefecture
    • More school closures have been announced. The list of school closures can be found here:
      The page should be updated as more closures are announced (it is only available in Japanese, but it works well with Google Translate).

  • April 7th, 2020: Announcement Regarding Prefectural School Closures from the Prefectural Board of Education
    • Prefectural schools in the jurisdictions of Kochi City Health Center, Chuo-East, and Hata Welfare Health Center, where there have been confirmed cases since March 27th (excluding Reihoku High School) will be closed for two weeks starting April 13th (Monday).
    • All main and branch special support schools are temporarily closed, regardless of which health center jurisdiction they fall under (7 main schools, 6 branch schools).
    • We will be monitoring the confirmed cases, and as a result of this, which schools will close and for how long (including short term closures) may change.
    • April 8th (Wed) to 10th (Fri) will be a preparation period for school closures (preparing materials for home study, giving information about the closure, etc.). Please send students home as early as possible during that period.
21 High Schools (Including night school) 城山高校、山田高校、高知農業高校、高知東工業高校、岡豊高校、高知東高校、高知南高校高知工業高校、高知追手前高校、高知丸の内高校、高知小津高校、高知北高校、高知西高校春野高校、大方高校、幡多農業高校、中村高校、西土佐分校、宿毛工業高校、宿毛高校清水高校
Shiroyama HS, Yamada HS, Kochi Agricultural HS, Kochi Higashi Technical HS, Oko HS, Kochi Higashi HS, Kochi Minami HS, Kochi Technical HS, Kōchi Ōtemae HS, Kōchi Marunouchi HS, Kochi Ozu HS, Kochi Kita HS, Kochi Nishi HS, Haruno HS, Ogata HS, Hata Agricultural HS, Nakamura HS, Nishitosa Branch School, Sukumo Technical HS, Sukumo HS, Shimizu HS
3 Junior High Schools高知南中学校、高知国際中学校、中村中学校
Kochi Minami JHS, Kochi Kokusai JHS, Nakamura JHS
13 Special Support Schoolsすべての本校・分校
All main schools and branch schools

  • April 5th, 2020: Governor Hamada’s Message to Kochi Residents
    • Summary:
      • Please follow the two requests made in the April 3rd message (see below).
      • Please continue to take actions to prevent the spread of infection (practice coughing etiquette, wash your hands thoroughly, and wear a mask).
      • Please refrain from taking part in meetings or events with gatherings of more than 50 people.
    • Link to Japanese:
    • Full English Translation: Link

  • April 3rd, 2020: Governor Hamada’s Message to Kochi Residents
    • Summary:
      • In order to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Kochi Prefecture, the Governor requests the following;
      • Until the 12th of this month do not go out in the evenings, especially to closed spaces with poor ventilation and places with large gatherings of people. Refrain from holding conversations in close proximity.
      • As much as possible, do not travel for work or other reasons to the Tokyo and Kansai areas, or any other area with a large number of confirmed cases of COVID-19.
      • Schools will open on April 7th, incorporating advice from the Japanese government.
      • The Prefecture will continue to monitor cases and respond appropriately. All schools should implement thorough infection prevention measures and prepare for a wide variety of situations.
    • Link to Japanese:
    • Full English Translation: Link