While on JET all participants make mandatory contributions to the Employee’s Pension Insurance (Kôsei Nenkin Hoken).Payments are taken directly out of your salary.

If you leave Japan permanently you are entitled to a Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment. You will be able to recover up to 3 years worth of payments if you follow the process outlined in the GIH.

This process has recently been amended so that you can submit the application before departing Japan.

The Lump-Sum Withdrawal is paid out in a 2 step process. The Lump-Sum Withdrawal payment is subject to tax (20%) which you can also claim back after you receive the first payment .

You will need to nominate someone to be your Tax Agent in Japan who will submit a tax return to get the tax refund and receive the funds on your behalf. Since all funds for the Lump-Sum Withdrawal will only be deposited into a Japanese bank you will need someone to transfer the money to you in your home country.

It is possible that your supervisor will be able to help you with this but it is not an official part of their duties to be your tax agent. So it’s best to ask early if they are able to help you with this process.

Please be aware that the Lump-Sum Withdrawal can take several months to process and then receive funds.

The GIH has a lot of very helpful information on pages 165-175, under section 7.3 Pension Refund. Make sure to check this out because it would answer all of your questions (probably)!








JET参加者用ハンドブック(GIH)の165-175ページ、7.3の年金の還付 の項目の中に、 それに関する多くの役立つ情報が書かれています。わからないことがあれば、このハンドブックに詳しく書かれてありますので、是非ご覧になってください。