New Zealand Taxes

**We are not tax experts. If you have any doubts or questions, please check directly with a tax professional. **

If you are going to be out of New Zealand for more than 183 consecutive days and own no property in New Zealand then you are likely able to re-classify your status with the IRD (Inland Revenue Department) as non-resident for tax purposes.It is important that you check the IRD website or talk with an accountant to make sure you qualify for non-resident tax status. If you have no income from NZ while you are overseas then you will not need to file a tax return or pay tax in NZ . You will need to let the IRD know your changed tax status. You can contact them by phone, in writing or via an email from your IR Secure Services account.  

If you have a student loan your loan will start accruing interest once you have been overseas for 6 months (this is backdated to the date you departed ). You will need to make at least 2 payments per year (September and March) of a set amount to cover the interest. The payment amount depends on the total amount you owe. It is your responsibility to make sure you keep up with the compulsory twice yearly repayments to avoid non-repayment fees.

It is possible to also apply for a 12 month student loan repayment holiday, however, interest will still be accrued during this time. You need to apply to the IRD for a repayment holiday, this can be done before or within 6 months of departing New Zealand. It is a good idea to also make arrangements with the IRD for regular payments to reduce your loan balance.

Please check the IRD website for detailed information and forms or talk to a New Zealand Tax Agent to clarify your tax and student loan responsibilities.