Ya-Sea Park

Ya-Sea park is a multi-purpose recreational area with beach access and a beautiful view, found in the lovely town of Yasu, in Konan city. The facilities at Ya-Sea park include an ocean swimming area, two volley ball nets, picnic area, playground, and a spacious grassy area for general use. Ya-Sea park is one of the only places in the area where you can enjoy yourself in the ocean water.

A large parking lot is on site, so you can load up the car and have a picnic in the provided picnic area. Bring your own grill and shade materials and you can set up on the provided tables, bench seating, and frames for hanging shading or decorations in Ya-Sea park’s picnic area with an ocean view. Near the picnic area there is also a play area with a variety of obstacles and equipment to keep the kids entertained. Keep the fun going by renting a paddle board or a yacht to ride on the ocean waves. Talk to the staff in the beach house for more rental information.

The park is conveniently located right beside Yasu train station. Simply take the Gomen-Nahari line to Yasu station (夜須), and you’ll find yourself overlooking the park from the train platform when you arrive. Trains arrive at Yasu station about every 15-20 minuets from both directions. On the way to Yasu you can enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean that the train ride provides.

Neighboring the park is a “Michi no Eki” which offers many different restaurants, a souvenir shop, and a locally grown vegetable market. At the market, called “Yasuragi Market”, you can also purchase various other handmade goods, flowers, breads, and lunch boxes. In the same building you can also purchase a smoothie from, “Vege Frutta”, and in the winter, you can buy delicious tempura fried sweet potato. You can learn more about Yasuragi Market here: yasuragiichi.jp

Before you reach the Michi no Eki, if you’re interested in takoyaki, please stop by “Takoyaki Hakase” and get a 10 piece takoyaki dish. Also available here is ice cream and other various snacks like chicken karaage and yakisoba. This food stall is located underneath the Yasu station platform and offers outdoor seating nearby. In the Michi no Eki parking lot, on Sundays, there are often handicrafts and other goods made by locals on display for purchase. Other spots the Michi no Eki has to offer include a Souvenir shop, where you can buy various Kochi related goods, and several restaurants. The restaurants here include, “Masala,” an Indian food restaurant with a view and “Mana Mana,” a café with a view specializing in mahi-mahi dishes and ice cream bars. “Frypan Beach” is a laid back café offering a few set meals. “Ikezawa” can be found next to the souvenir shop and provides a place where you can enjoy fresh sashimi and other seafood dishes.

maps from http://yasea.jp/

Beyond the Michi no Eki and adjacent to the swimming area, there is a water sports facility where you can rent kayaks and other sea faring vessels. This facility is not a part of Ya-Sea park but is open for rentals. It also serves as a local club base. You can learn more about them here: yasu-uminoeki.com


Ya-Sea park has a variety of events throughout the year. You can learn more about them on their website: yasea.jp

In summer, there is a fire work festival held at the park toward the end of August. At this festival there is music and dancing, a variety of food stalls, as well as a firework display over the water. You can find the usual festival style food here as well as some vendors with toys and other games. The ocean water is quite warm, in the summer, making it a great location for summer beach days. Grab the sunscreen and beach towels and prepare for a long day at the beach!

In winter it may not be the right temperature to swim, but Ya-Sea park still offers sights to see. In the winter season, the park offers illumination. Winter is also the best time to get a great view the sunset over the water.

Lastly, if you’re interested in cycling, there is a bicycle road that starts at Ya-Sea park and leads all the way to Aki City. The ride to Aki City is about an hour one-way.

Ya-Sea park is a great place to relax the day away with good food and an even better view. Come to Yasu and enjoy the beach this summer!

Thanks to Michael Sippel for contributing this article and photographs. (March 2020)